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Circle XX Website Changes

9/22/21  Added "Calaveras Sheriff's Crime Log" to Information/Helpful links

9/6/21   Added "Internet Speed" to Information/Helpful Links

7/10/21  Added"Hwy 4 Wagon Trail Realignment Project"to Information/Calaveras News

7/6/21   Added "Circle XX Well Water Levels" to US

7/5/21    Added "Report Road Problems to County" to Information/Helpful links

7/4/21    Added "myMotherLoad" to Calaveras News

7/4/21    Moved "Calaveras Enterprise" / "thePineTree" to Calaveras News

7/4/21    Added "Calaveras News" to Information

7/4/21    Added "Calaveras Animal Disaster Service" to Information / Helpful links

6/18/21  Added "Road Etiquette Tips" to Home

6/15/20  Added "Local News: PineTree" to Information

3/22/20 Added "Coronavirus COVID-19" Info to Home 

12/11/19  Added "Circle XX Rainfall" to Us

9/25/19  Added map "lots & addresses" to Us / Circle XX Maps

9/24/19  Added map "Lot Perimeters in feet" to Us / Circle XX Maps

9/11/19  Added "PG@E Weather Shutoff Plans" to Helpful Links

9/3/19   Added "Website Manangement" to Volunteer Staff

8/29/19 Moved "Receive Email Notices" from Information to Contact Us

8/26/19 Mailed & posted Notices that Circle XX CSD website available

8/25/19 Google search engine  finds our website

8/15/19  Approved "Go Live" to publish the website