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Circle XX Road Etiquette Tips

Circle XX Road Etiquette Tips.pdf

Most of the roads in the Circle XX are single lane with limited room for two vehicles to pass on the road and we have several blind curves that are dangerous. New drivers may not be used to driving on our roads so following are some common sense tips for safety and to be courteous to your driving neighbors.

1   Drive with caution in the Circle XX. Many drivers think that the roads are safer becaue we are out in the country with less traffic, but we have other types of road hazards and issues.

2.  Lookout for people, animals and slow vehicles. Drive carefully when passing.

3  If you are riding a horse or driving a tractor, ATV or other slow vehicle, move over to let others pass.

4  Watch for turnouts or driveways where you can pull off of the road to let others safely pass.

5  Do not try to use a drainage ditch to pass another vehicle. It will cause damage to the edge of the road and the ditch.

6  Drive carefully so as not to get trapped in a place where it is unsafe to pull off of the road for another vehicle to pass.

7  When you see a vehicle coming toward you and there is not room to pass on the road, safely pull off to the side but do not drive into a drainage ditch..

8  When you meet another vehicle and there is not room to safely pass or pullover, the vehicle closest to a turnout should back up to the turnout and pull off of the road.

9  If a vehicle pulling a trailer is coming toward you on a single lane section of road, pull over to let them pass.

10 On blind curves slow down to watch for oncoming traffic. We have had several very close calls where people were driving too fast and we almost had head-on collisions.

11 When coming to an intersection, remember that the vehicle on the right has the right-a-way.

12 On our gravel roads slow down for safety and to limit dust that will bother neighbors.

13 When collecting your mail, leave room for vehicles to pass. 

14  When parking your car or truck by the mail boxes for the day, leave plenty of room for large vehicles to enter and exit the Circle XX.

15 When exiting the Circle XX check both ways on Pool Station Road before pulling out. 

16 Slow Down. People are driving too fast for our Circle XX roads.

  • Please email us if you have a good Circle XX driving tip to add to the list.