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Income Explained

Circle XX Income Analysis.pdf

 July 27, 1981, the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution that the Circle XX roads were public roads but they would NOT be maintained by the County (see above). In 1988 the registered voters living within the Circle XX started a process to become a Community Services District (CSD) which would allow us to be governed by our own elected Board of Directors responsible for the maintenance of the ten Circle XX roads.  The Circle XX officially became a CSD on January 25, 1989. (See WELCOME for more information)

July 1980, even before we became a CSD, Circle XX residents approved the first "road improvement fee" (assessment fee) of $300 a year for four years and then later reduced the fee to $200 a year. In 1993 the residents approved increasing the $200 annual assessment fee to maintain the roads to $300 for 10 years.  In 2003 residents approved continuing the $300 annual assessment fee for another 10 years.

November 2012 a special election was held limited to the registered voters living within the Circle XX. They voted to raise the annual assessment fee for road maintenance to $400 for 10 years ending June 30, 2023.

November 2022 another special election was held again limited to the registered voters living within the Circle XX. The the annual assessment fee for road maintenance was raised to $500 for 10 years ending June 30, 2033.

Our income is from the $500 a year assessment fee on the 145 lots/parcels of land in the Circle XX CSD (See CIRCLE XX MAPS). This projects a total fee/tax revenue of $72,500 a year. (Circle XX Income of screen)

Calaveras County collects the assessment fees with the December and April annual property taxes. The County deducts  processing and other charges, then transfers the remaining tax funds into our Circle XX bank account through 3 disbursements a year called Teeter Checks (named after the enabling legislation - See Teeter Plan). Starting 25024:

  • 1 - February - about $39,875 or 55% of our annual income
  • 2 - April or May - about $29,000 or 40% of our annual income
  • 3 - July to October - about $3,625 the remaining 5% of our annual income

Directors and Volunteer staff do not receive salary or benefits. After costs for mandatory functions (insurance /audit/website) and a few District expenses (PO box /office supplies) (See ANNUAL BUDGET REPORTS), the Directors and staff of the Circle XX CSD have approximately $61,000 a year to spend on the roads and related road maintenance projects (weed spraying, culvert maintenance, ditching etc. See SERVICES). 

Any questions regarding our income and budget contact the Circle XX CSD Secretary/Treasurer