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Driveway Culverts & Encroachments

In order to properly maintain Circle XX roads, all driveways and road entrances onto Circle XX roads must have an apron (encroachment) of at least six (6) feet deep by the width of the encroashing circle XX road and to include any turn radius connecting to a Circle XX road. This apron shall be made of the same material as the connecting Circle XX road (gravel to gravel, chip seal to chip seal, or asphalt to asphalt) and have an open appropriately sized culvert under the apron as needed for drainage.

Driveways that cross a ditch require a culvert to allow water to properly flow during rains.  When culverts are too small or they are blocked, the water has to flow someplace, usually out into Circle XX roads where it can cause ruts and in drastic conditions wash out the road. The minimum sized culvert on a driveway should be at least 18 inches. Some driveways require larger culverts depending on the size of the ditch and the water flow.  During the dry season, each year  lot owners should check their culverts to see that they are open and that they have not been blocked by debris. It is the owners responsibility to keep their driveway culverts open. Culverts under our Circle XX roads are maintained by the Circle XX USD.

Encroachment Permit Application:  For new Circle XX road encroachments please complete and send to the Road Manager.

Circle XX CSD Private road info (e-mail verision).pdf

Encroachment specifications:

Private road approach type ll.pdf


for INFORMATION or to REPORT a  road problem please email the ROAD MANAGER: