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Locate information and PDF format reports and files stored on the website. You can read, print and download the PDF reports and files to your computer. The "Menu Location" shows the main menu page followed by (=>) the sub menu to find the information.

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$ 400 Annual Road Fee / TaxUs => Our Income 
Agendas for Board meetingsBoard Meetings => date
Additional Structures zoning codesCalaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
Addresses on mapUs => Circle XX Maps
Animal Disaster Services Calaveras => Helpful Links
Audit ReportsHome => Meetings & Reports
Board AgendasBoard Meetings => date
Board MailingsBoard Meetings => date
Board MinutesBoard Meetings => date
Budget ReportsHome => Meetings & Reports
Calaveras Animal Disaster ServicesCalaveras => Helpful Links
Calaveras County Codes / OrdinancesCalaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
Calaveras County Gov websitesCalaveras => Helpful Links
Calaveras Enterprise NewsCalaveras => Calaveras News
Calaveras HistoryCalaveras => Calaveras News
Calaveras InformationCalaveras => Calaveras News
Circle XX CSDAbout
Circle XX Driving Etiquette TipsRoad Etiquette
Circle XX HistoryUs => Circle XX History
Circle XX Map (printable)Us => Circle XX Maps
Circle XX Officers (including history)Us => Circle XX History
Circle XX RainUs => Local Rainfall
Circle XX Well Water LevelsUs
Close PDF filesHome => Help
Close linked website pagesHome => Help
County Road Problems - send reportCalaveras => Helpful Links
CSD & CSA (Roads) in Calaveras CoCalaveras
CulvertsUs => Culverts & Encroachments
Disclosure of ReimbursementsHome => Meetings & Reports
Driving TipsRoad Etiquette
DrivewaysUs => Culverts & Encroachments
Elevation above sea level (lots)Us => Circle XX Map
Email Notices (receive)Contact Us
Encroachment Permit ApplicationUs => Culverts & Encroachments
Encroachment SpecificationsUs => Culverts & Encroachments
Equipment (CSD owned)Us => CSD Equipment
Financial ReportsHome => Meetings & Reports
Fires (in Cal Fire jurisdiction)Calaveras => Helpful Links
Go CalaverasCalaveras => Calaveras News
Grading & drainage zoning codesCalaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
History of Calaveras  CountyCalaveras => Calaveras News
History of the Circle XXUs => Circle XX History
HomeTown LocatorCalaveras => Calaveras News
Hospital (Mark Twain)Calaveras => Helpful Links
Hwy 4 Wagon Trail ProjectCalaveras => Calaveras News
Income AnalysisUs => Our Income (Income Explained)
Internet Connection Speed TestInformation => Helpful Links
LAFCO (What is a LAFCO)Special Districts => LAFCo & Circle XX CSD
Length of roadsUs => Road Length Chart
Local NewsCalaveras => Calaveras News
Lot perimeters in feetUs => Circle XX Map
Lots in CSDUs => Circle XX Map
Map of Circle XX (printable)Us => Circle XX Map
Mark Twain HospitalCalaveras => Helpful Links
Minutes of Board meetingsBoard Meetings => date
MyMotherLode - NewsCalaveras => Calaveras News
NewsCalaveras => Calaveras News
Officers of the Circle XX (history)Us => Circle XX History
Paved RoadsUs => Road Length Chart
Photos of Circle XXUs => Our Roads
PineTree NewsCalaveras => Calaveras News
Print PDF files / reportsHome => Help
RainfallUs => Local Rainfall
Read PDF filesHome => Help
Receive Circle XX Email NoticesContact Us
Records Retention Policy Board Meetings
Report Road Problems to CountyCalaveras => Helpful Links
Road CSD & CSA in Calaveras CoCalaveras
Road EtiquetteRoad Etiquette
Road Fee / TaxUs => Our Income
Road grading & drainage codesCalaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
Road Lengths (paved)Us => Road Length Chart
RR zoning codes (Rural Residential)Calaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
Septic Systems RegulationsCalaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
SherifCalaveras => Helpful Links
State ReportsHome => Meetings & Reports
Tax / Road FeeUs => Our Income
Teeter PlanUs => Our Income
Test Internet Connection SpeedCalaveras => Helpful Links
ThePineTree - NewsCalaveras => Calaveras News
TransparencyBoard Meetings => District Transparency
Volunteer Home
Volunteer Work Release FormUs => Volunteer Staff
Wagon Trail Project (Hwy 4)Calaveras => Calaveras News
Well OrdanceCalaveras => Circle XX Planning & Building
Well Water LevelsUs = Circle XX Well Water Levels
What is a LAFCOSpecial Districts => LAFCo & Circle XX CSD
Who we are & what we doAbout