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         ***  New Stuff List ***

Recent changes to the Circle XX CSD website:

4/22/23   Added "Volunteer Work Release Form" under Us  /  Volunteer Staff

                                        "Volunteer Road Projects" on HOME                                                                            

11/14/22 Added "Records Retention Policy" to Board Meetings

7/23/22  Added "LAFCO Road Maintenance CSD Review 2022" to Calaveras / Road CSD's & CSA's.... 

7/22/22  Added "Ballot Measure C" to Home and Nov 2022 Road Tax Election

3/16/22  Updated "Circle XX Well Water Levels" under Us  - Record low water levels

3/16/22  Updated "Hwy4 - Wagon Trail Realignment Project"  under Calaveras / Calaveras News.            

3/15/22  Added "Director Vacancy" to Home

3/15/22  Added "Nov 2022 Road Tax Election" to Home

9/22/21  Added "Calaveras Sheriff's Crime Log" to Calaveras / Helpful Links

9/6/21   Added "Internet Speed" to Calaveras / Helpful Links  Test your internet connection.

8/14/21 "Teeter Plan" explanation Us / Our Income

8/1/21   Updating Well Levels 1st & 15th monthly. Us / Circle XX Well Water Levels.

7/10/21 Added "Hwy 4 - Wagon Trail Realignment Project" to Calaveras / Calaveras News. The new page provides information on the status of the project and access to the complete project plan.

7/6/21 Added "Circle XX Well Water Levels" to Us.  The new page has Information on how the level of water in Circle XX wells rises and falls during the year and the relationship to local rainfall.

7/6/21 Moved "Coronavirus Covid-19" link to - Calaveras / Calaveras News

7/5/21 Added "Report Road Problems to Calaveras County" to Calaveras / Helpful Links.    Link to use if you see something on County roads outside of the Circle XX and you want to report it to the County. Examples: road repairs, dead animals, downed trees, washed out sections of road, abandoned vehicles, or trash dumped beside the road. You can also check on the status of problems already reported to the County. 

7/4/21 Added link to "Calaveras Animal Disaster Services" to - Calaveras / Helpful Links.  How to get local help with livestock and pets during a disaster.

7/4/21 Added link to "MyMotherLoad" to - Calaveras / Calaveras News

7/4/21 Moved "Calaveras Enterprise", "thePineTree", "Go Calaveras", "Calaveras Information", & "Calaveras History" links to - Calaveras / Calaveras News

7/4/21 Added new tab "Calaveras News" to - Calaveras.

7/4/21 Added "New Stuff to Home

6/18/21 Added "Road Etiquette Tips" as a new tab on the Home screen. See 16 Tips for driving on our Circle XX roads.