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Reimbursement Policy

Circle XX CSD Reimbursement Policy:

All reimbursements must be for work pre-authorized by Board Approval.

The Road Manager is authorized reimbursement for gas and other incidental expenses incurred while performing Board Authorized activities. The Road Manger shell be reimbursed for costs incurred to obtain and maintain a California State Spraying License required for road spraying, including necessary training classes.

With prior Board Approval volunteers or Directors purchasing supplies for use on Circle XX roads (asphalt, asphalt sealer, cold pack, tack oil, road rock, grass spraying chemicals etc) or renting equipment for Circle XX road maintenance may be reimbursed for the actual costs.

Mileage and other travel expenses are not reimbursable.

Circle XX CSD Reimbursement Procedure:

The claimant, or the Road Manager for a claimant, shall submit a receipt or document supporting the claim for reimbursement at a Circle XX CSD meeting.  With Board approval the Board Secretary shall prepare a check for reimbursement.

The Board Secretary shall prepare an annual Disclosure of Reimbursements report listing all approved reimbursements for the calendar year . The report shall  show the date the reimbursement was approved, the name of the person being reimbursed, a short description of the reimbursement, and the dollar amount of the reimbursement. The report shell be posted to the Circle XX CSD website.