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Volunteer Work Release Form

I volunteer to do Community Services Road  Project Work for the Circle XX Community Services District.

Examples of  Circle XX Road Project Work: fill potholes, clear fallen trees blocking  roads, clean roadside ditches, clear culverts, trim roadside trees,  or  cut roadside grass by entrance mailboxes.

I agree that I am not an employee of the District and I am not entitled to compensation nor am I entitled to Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage.

I agree to be solely responsible for any damages or injuries sustained by myself or a third party arising out of my volunteer work and  I agree to indemnify and hold the Circle XX Community Services District harmless therefrom.

All volunteer work is performed under the general supervision of the Circle XX CSD Road Manager.  Contact the Road Manager before starting a project. The Road Manager does not need to be present when volunteer work is performed.  Email the Road Manager if you have questions regarding  volunteer work.

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